Friday, December 10, 2010


Welcome all to my first foray to the blogosphere! The Style Scientist Chemist got a blog and boy do I have ish to say. But before I go off on one of my usual rants I think I will plug you in to my trip to this years Art Basel. TC5 was in force and the vibe was crazy! Web, Yz, Sye, Wane, Dash, Zame, Tack, Spade, Chill-Ski, and lil-ol' me. The first couple of days were wasted trying to figure out where to paint but once the locations were nailed down we got it in! as you can see above!

One of my personal highlights on this trip was Kool Herc doing his thing with my paint! Herc walked into the venue and started kicking it with the 5, In mid conversation he asked for my can and I told him, "Don't worry I'll put you up"! and he was like, " No need I'll put myself up". Silly me, the historian forgot that the Herculoids also used to write!

This was our first production on this trip and it turned out to be the wall from hell! The owners of the building and the gallery were (ABS) Art Basel Snobs!... See this event originated as one great big Anglo yard sale, For Miami's so called ELITE! But as usual the hood always crashes. Three years ago when i first came to this event graffiti was an oddity... now it's the main event.

At the last minute Cope2 invited us to paint at the Scion event. We couldn't pass up a chance to blaze on the big stage!

Just to show you how freaky this event gets. You can find art on all levels! It's not confined to the walls.

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