Sunday, December 19, 2010


This was a small quiet installation produced by the Dondi White foundation for the Ace hotel N.Y. The job  was to recreate and combine two of Dondi's paintings in one room. In the second room I was to enlarge the artwork for a business card that Dondi designed.

These are the two paintings up above i had to combine.

This is the complete time lapse of room number one.

Above is a design for one of Dondi's old business cards, this wound up on the wall in room two.

The Ace Hotel has many themed rooms by many famous artist. The dream for the management team was to have a Dondi White installation and you can't blame them. If any Graffiti artist with medium to long paper want to stay in the Dondi room, just check into the Ace Hotel! It'll make a great Anniversary present... even the room number is functional.

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